• Step center stage and build a colorful brand that feels authentic to you and attracts a loyal, engaged community?
  • Have a dreamy business that brings in consistent income without sacrificing financial security?
  • Have a fabulous career where you’re sought after by industry leaders who want to interview you or collaborate because they’re so enamored by your unique gift, your royal story and irresistible brand?
  • Stop accepting “I can’t afford it” as your reality and upgrade your lifestyle so you can do things like buy your dream home with the beautiful stairs that wind up to the second floor, have a glam squad on staff that morphs you into a superstar before your Facebook Lives, travel the world with your best friends or the love of your life--all without gagging at the price tag?
  • Step into your feminine power and queenly-ness, become the CEO, and only work on the parts of your business that you’re actually passionate about and outsource the parts that you hate?  

A few years ago, I was overwhelmed and UNDERPAID, and felt stuck in my HOT MESS...although I was the boss of my own graphic design company, I kept sabotaging my income potential by acting like an Employee. I wasn’t willing to invest in myself and pay for courses, hire people that could help me grow my business FASTER and I would accept low-paying projects just because I was convinced that no one would ever pay me more. To put it frankly, I went from making $8.75 cents an hour working on 40+ hour projects every few months (projects were few and far in between and I had NO CLUE how to get new clients) to 6-figures in one year. 

If this is what your life looks like now, I totally get it. But here is what you need to know...  

The #1 contributing factor to these huge financial leaps was not my willingness to do, but my willingness to do things differently. And that started with acknowledging that I couldn’t do everything by myself.  

I decided that never again would I keeping wallowing in and accepting my “everything bad happens to me” story, and I would start taking ownership over my life experience. I stopped acting like an employee, I stepped into my GirlCEO power, and I turned my business around.  

I am a Queen, it was time I started acting like it (and it’s time for you to start acting like one, too).  


  • Are you looking to have a signature, stylish, rockstar brand that sets you apart from your competition in your industry?
  • Are you seeking guidance from a 6-figure GirlCEO that can help you setup your client-getting systems so you can create consistent income each month in your business?
  • Do you want a high-level coach to help you understand the ROI (results your clients receive) of your creativity, skills and genius so you can confidently sell high-end packages with ease?
  • Are you the kind of girl that dreams of having an authentic brand and content strategy that attracts a loyal and engaged following?
  • Are you willing to do whatever it takes to have an unlimited income potential doing what you love, playing by your own rules?  

Here is what’s included in my 6 month private-coaching mentorship. 

  • One 3-hour private intensive to get the clarity you need to build your dream life.
  • 10 x 1 hour private coaching sessions that can be used over a period of 6 months.
  • Unlimited Email Support in between sessions with voice note trainings and coaching for when you’re feeling stuck, need additional support or you just need a moment to bitch it all out.
  • Lifetime access to all coaching workbooks, video trainings, guides and templates.
  • Free Full Access to Beautiful Instagram Stories Design School so you can beat the algorithm and grow a loyal following that is OBSESSED with your brand on Instagram.
  • A follow-up strategy call 30 days after the program ends to review what’s working and change or optimize what’s not so that you can consistently work towards your goals and lead a life with total freedom.

Investment: $10,000 (2 spots available starting May 15, 2018 )

Due to the nature of this high-level 1:1 mentorship, this program is only available by application and invite only. Payment plans available if your application is approved.

Only 2 spots available.

(By application & invite only)

Investment: $10,000

or $5000 deposit and 3 payments of $2,000